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Creating packages with FPM

▶ Analysis of IPMI based vulnerabilities

And here is a good introduction on the vulnerabilities in detail:

IPMI architecture diagram shows BMC sideband via SMBUS.



Different presentations:!topic/pdxdevops/KGu9kbVMstg



Post-28 Sep 2015 update (all the document seemed to be inaccessible now….):

IPMI specification (2013):

How to quickly compile all the Android samples via command line?

The procedure described here is working only for the “legacy” branch of Android SDK, as the later version are all using “Gradle” now (procedure to compile to be covered in another blog).

First the prerequisites (for Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit host environment, and Android SDK has been installed in /opt/android-sdk-linux directory):

1. Update Android SDK:

cd /opt/android-sdk-linux
tools/android update sdk –no-ui

2. Ensure “ant” is installed: “sudo apt-get install ant”.

3. Ensure java and javac is installed, version 7 preferred. (Java 6 confirmed will give errors).

4. Next, “cd /opt/android-sdk-linux/samples/android-22/legacy” to the Android version 22 legacy branch.

Using this script (named as “myant”):


export ANDROID_SDK=/opt/android-sdk-linux
export ANDROID_HOME=/opt/android-sdk-linux

$ANDROID_SDK/tools/android update project –path . –target android-21

ant debug

(Noticed above that I specified the target as Android version 21).

5. And then run the following script (ensuring that the above “myant” is in your $PATH):

list=”AccelerometerPlay/ \
ActionBarCompat/ \
AndroidBeamDemo/ \
ApiDemos/ \
AppNavigation/ \
BackupRestore/ \
BasicGLSurfaceView/ \
BluetoothHDP/ \
ContactManager/ \
CrossCompatibility/ \
CubeLiveWallpaper/ \
GestureBuilder/ \
HelloEffects/ \
Home/ \
HoneycombGallery/ \
JetBoy/ \
KeyChainDemo/ \
LunarLander/ \
MultiResolution/ \
NotePad/ \
RandomMusicPlayer/ \
RenderScript/ \
SampleSyncAdapter/ \
SearchableDictionary/ \
SipDemo/ \
SkeletonApp/ \
Snake/ \
SoftKeyboard/ \
SpellChecker/ \
Spinner/ \
SpinnerTest/ \
TicTacToeLib/ \
TicTacToeMain/ \
ToyVpn/ \
TtsEngine/ \
UiAutomator/ \
VoicemailProviderDemo/ \
VoiceRecognitionService/ \
WeatherListWidget/ \
WidgetPreview/ \
WiFiDirectDemo/ \
WiFiDirectServiceDiscovery/ \
Wiktionary/ \
WiktionarySimple/ \

for name in $list
[ -f “$name/AndroidManifest.xml” ]
cd $name
cd ..
echo $name NOTBUILD

All the samples will build successfully (just grep for successful) but only three subdirectory remain untouch: Renderscript, UiAutomator, and SpellChecker. Just “cd” to specific directory involved, and execute “myant” whenever AndroidManifest.xml is found.

Only UiAutomator remained cannot be compiled, as it does not comes with “AndroidManifest.xml” file.

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