SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Project 0: Unboxing and writing the first BLINK + Wifiwebserver

First is to watch the video:

After connecting as per below the picture:

And followed by compiling the BLINK example and uploading to the Launchpad:

And next is to run the Wifi Webserver:



radare2: A checklist showing how to analyze a binary

Installing radare2 from docker hub:

docker pull radare/radare2

Next is to start the docker container:

docker run -it radare/radare2

And copy the "resident" binary from host into container (container id is 1288):

docker cp resident 1288:/tmp

And now analysing the "resident" binary inside the docker container:

Starting from main analysis (VV):

(Enter "q" after "VV", hexdump of binary):

(showing sections: iS)

(showing functions: afl)

(showing basic blocks: pdb)

(showing main entry point: ie)

(showing imports: ii)

Looking for other command:

And this:

My steps for analysis:

load without any analysis (file header at offset 0x0): r2 -n /path/to/file

  • analyze all: aa
  • show sections: iS
  • list functions: afl
  • list imports: ii
  • list entrypoints: ie
  • seek to function: s sym.main
  • show basic block disassembly: pdb
  • show function disassembly: pdf
  • show function arguments: afa
  • show function variables: afv
  • rename function variable: afvn
  • set function variable type: afvt
  • add/analyze function: af
  • enter graph modes: VV
  • cycle types of graphs:
    • forward: p
    • backwards: P

Hypercall Security Assessment Checklist

What are the checklist items when secure auditing hypercalls?

a. What are the hypercall instructions, and their input/output registers and side effects?

b. What are the privileges available when executing the hypercalls?

c. Are there any opportunities for transiting to other privilege level during runtime? If there is then under what conditions and requirements?

d. How to check through all the software boundary between the two different privilege level – and ensuring that reasonable checks are done before passing information from one side to another?

e. Any dependencies/races conditions on usage at runtime between different/same instructions by multiple CPU cores?

Project Zero: Pandavirtualization: Exploiting the Xen hypervisor

Learning about RUMP kernel

CTF writeup roundup

TF Internetwache 2016.

Shatter Attack: what are its Linux equivalent

Looking at "Shatter Attack" in Windows:

Now you ask yourself, what are the Linux equivalent? How are messages passed from one applications to another? And if the messages and posted in arbitrary ways, is it possible to achieve privilege escalation in Linux scenario?

This is the processes relevant to graphical redering in Linux:

Looking at "Dbus" daemon above, what its function?

Since it is running at the high privilege level, privilege esclation is not impossible.

And history have shown its possibilities:

MongoDB / NoSQL Database


Modelling methods:

Differences between SQL and NoSQL:

Automated conversion of SQL to MongoDB syntax:

MySQL to MongoDB converter:

Update performance:

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