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Enabling dtrace on Freebsd

My freshly installed FreeBSD9 does not have dtrace? While using it I got this error:

dtrace: failed to initialize dtrace: DTrace device not available on system 

Doing a “kldstat” command query, dtrace kernel module was not listed.

And reading further:

The answer given was to read:

But that seemed to take too much time, so I start investigating the kernel module – first “cd /boot/kernel” to go to the kernel modules directory:

kldload if_ath

kldload: can't load if_ath: File exists

Oops, this kernel modules is already loaded – as verified via “kldstat”. And just trying another file:

kldload dtrace
kldload dtraceall

No error message, so it seemed by default dtrace-related kernel module are not loaded? Not always, sometimes mismatched errors occurred (eg, after another FreeBSD 8.1 installation), and so rebulding the kernel modules are needed.

Steps are as followed:

cd /usr/src/sys/amd64/conf

And inside MYDTKERNEL file:

options KDTRACE_FRAME # Ensure frames are compiled in
options KDTRACE_HOOKS # Kernel DTrace hooks

Other options are instruction to backup the current kernel to /boot/kernel.old and this is not enabled by default – my advice is to enable it.


And you will see that ../compile/MYDTKERNEL returned, now cd to this directory and continue the compilation:

make depend
make install

Hopefully the above will all work without producing an error. If you get an error, like me, getting and “No space left on device” error, what I do is to move the /boot/kernel.old directory to the /usr directory which still have lots of space left. Next reboot the machine, and do a “kldstat” to check that dtrace is loaded or not, which is not.

cd /boot/kernel
kldload dtrace
kldload dtraceall


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