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A study in reference counting / locking and synchronization techniques

Linux kernel design patterns – part 1 []

Overview of LInux kernel Reference Counting:

Scalable locks in Sequent Symmetry:

SMP locking:


Learning TCP/IP networking in Linux kernel

All the characteristics in general:

Kernel in particular:

And a good state transition picture is here:

or in general:

Security via seccomp

Seccomp based papers from university

In addition to the references provided in: Here below are further papers from universities:

[PDF] Practical and effective sandboxing for non-root users – MIT …

[PDF] Slides – PDOS – MIT

[PDF] Security bugs in embedded interpreters

[PDF] paper – Lehigh University

[PDF] Cooperation and Security Isolation of Library OSes for Multi …

[PDF] 1) Create an IIR BPF for filtering sampled audio signals

[PDF] Final Report (pdf) – University of California, Berkeley

[PDF] Packet Filters – Columbia University

[PDF] The BSD Packet Filter: A New Architecture for … – Tcpdump

[PDF] TcpDump-Filters(BPF)

[PDF] Swift: A Fast Dynamic Packet Filter – Usenix

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