Experimenting with ToF10120 LASER Rangefinder on Arduino

Just acquired a TOF10120 Laser rangefinder (from here), and was trying to connect to my Arduino as per instruction here:


Unfortunately, I keep getting this error upon uploading, after setting up all my connections on the Arduino:

I have two Arduino UNO, and both gave the same error.

Finally after lots of tweaking everywhere, I managed to solve the problem.

All the circuit connections on the Arduino must be disconnected first, before I upload the program.

I repeat the operation on another Arduino UNO: if the circuit connection with the laser rangfinder is still in-place, the uploading will always give error. Once you disconnect all the circuit, upload the program, and reconnect the Arduino circuitry again, every thing worked (as shown in the serial monitor screen below):

Usually I don’t have to disconnect the circuitry while uploading. But in today’s case, and reversibly, repeated on two Arduino UNO, it is proven that you need to disconnect the circuitry while uploading the program. Weird.

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