ARM TrustZone technology for iMX53

Genode – An Exploration of ARM TrustZone Technology

This kernel is the only code except the mode transition PIC, that runs in privileged CPU mode. It has two tasks. First it initializes the process ‘core’, enriches it with the whole identically mapped address range, joins and applies it, assigns one thread to it with a userdefined entrypoint (the core main thread) and starts this thread in userland. Afterwards it is called each time an exception occurs in userland to do a minimum of appropriate exception handling. Thus it holds a CPU context for itself as for any other thread. But due to the fact that it never relies on prior kernel runs this context only holds some constant pointers such as SP and IP. a set of codes for iMX53

This is the bare metal program running on i.MX53 QSB to test the TrustZone Secure-Normal World Transition.

If you want to use your own mkimage in your u-boot code, please change MKIMAGE in Makefile.

MMU registers:


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