Unboxing my HackRF One

Reading “Getting Started with the HackRF One on Ubuntu 14.04”:


Starting from freshly installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit, something missing in the above blog (explained below) is this:

sudo apt-get install librtlsdr-dev

Next is to download all the three git tree.

While doing the cmake of “gr-osmosdr”:

cmake ../

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:151 (find_package):
Could not find a configuration file for package “Gnuradio” that is
compatible with requested version “3.7.3”.

The following configuration files were considered but not accepted:


cmake/gnuradio/GnuradioConfig.cmake, version:

— Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

So no choice but to use the original webpage’s changeset version (notice there is a one digit difference between mine and his ….. guess it is an error in his webpage).

For gr-osmosdr, to get the older version:

git checkout  58d95b51

And then continue with cmake/make/make install etc.

Got the following errors:

—   package ‘gnuradio-fcdproplus’ not found
— gnuradio-fcdproplus not found.
— checking for module ‘libosmosdr’
—   package ‘libosmosdr’ not found
— libosmosdr not found.
— checking for module ‘librtlsdr’
—   package ‘librtlsdr’ not found
— librtlsdr not found.
— checking for module ‘libmirisdr’
—   package ‘libmirisdr’ not found
— libmirisdr not found.
— checking for module ‘libhackrf’
—   found libhackrf, version 0.3
— Found LIBHACKRF: /usr/local/lib/libhackrf.so
— checking for module ‘libairspy’
—   package ‘libairspy’ not found
— checking for module ‘libbladeRF’
—   package ‘libbladeRF’ not found
— libbladeRF not found.
— Could NOT find Doxygen (missing:  DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE)
— Found PythonLibs: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpython2.7.so (found suitable version “2.7.6”, minimum required is “2”)

I ignored all the errors, except for one: librtlsdr, which I have to apt-get thus:

sudo apt-get install librtlsdr-dev

After the gqrx download and qmake, everything got running, on the latest changeset (today is 21 Dec 2014).

Inline image 1
There is another way for Ubuntu/Fedora as well:
And run the script.   It will build all the necessary binaries – completed successfully for both Fedora 20 and Ubuntu 14.04.

Essentially it will install every “hackrf_xxxxx” command, but not gqrx itself.   So using “hackrf_transfer” to capture the radio wave, and then followed by installing a third party tool “Baudline” it is possible to render the radio waves as well.   For details please refer to:



I did also tried direct “apt-get” for the following:

gqrx-sdr – Software defined radio receiver
gr-osmosdr – Gnuradio blocks from the OsmoSDR project
hackrf – Software defined radio peripheral
libhackrf-dev – Software defined radio peripheral
libhackrf0 – Software defined radio peripheral

For gqrx, after apt-get, I got the following errors:

gqrx: symbol lookup error:

Many places recorded the same errors:


Upgrading using RPi:

Similarly for Fedora 20, “sudo yum install gqrx”  will install all the dependencies for gqrx, (essentially gr-osmosdr, and rtl-sdr, and gnuradio), but executing “gqrx” does not bring up and QT screen at all.

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