How to root Sony Ericsson Xperia Z (with minimal installation)

Lately I have successfully rooted my Sony Ericsson Xperia Z (firmware version 10.4.1.B.0.101, using Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit + Android SDK):

First, follow the following instruction (from Sony Ericsson) to unlock the bootloader (so that you can install your own custom recovery software):

As instructed within you have to download Android SDK from google (+ a fastboot USB drivers, if you are on windows, for linux Ubuntu 12.04, the USB drivers is built-in the kernel/distro): (only for Windows)

Next from the following article:

I did just this:

1. Download the, and then the UPDATE-Super-SU: (whose link is from here:

etc) and put the super-su zip file in the Xperia Z’s sdcard.

2. Extract out the "boot.img" file:

-rw-r–r– 1 root root 11313152 Jun 5 00:41 boot.img

md5sum boot.img

8ca52df5bf295631a0bd4dfdf5676baf boot.img

And using "fastboot" to put the Xperial Z into the bootloader mode (the entire screen of Xperia Z is blank black in color, with only the LED light in blue on the top right corner).

3. the using the Android SDK command to install the boot.img as the recovery manager:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

4. Issue "fastboot reboot", and when LED turns pink, immediately click on Volume UP (this sequence is precise and correctly timed, otherwise you will reboot into normal Android normal runtime mode (like me) and has to redo the whole thing again (starting from step 3) and now you will enter CWM recovery screen.

5. In this screen, navigate to the SDCARD where the super-su is located, and install the zip file.

Now you are rooted!! (and only the super-su + boot.img is installed, without the bloat from DOOMLOAD’s AdvStkKernel (:-), but since the CWM recovery manager is installed as well, lots of other stuff can be installed in future….if needed.).

I have done rooting of Nexus 7 (2013, and 2012) as well….another day will elaborate.

Below are collected the references I have consulted:


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