Tool chain for the TWR-MPC5125

This is a followup to the previous write-up (as some information have become outdated):

MPC5125 as provided here:

The following is an attempt to recompile the source codes using ELDK toolchain:

I downloaded the following files (from

Then I installed them by doing the following:

$ mkdir eldk-download
$ cd eldk-download
$ mkdir -p targets/powerpc
$ wget
$ cd targets/powerpc
$ wget
$ wget
$ wget
$ sha256sum -c armv7a.sha256 OK
target.conf: OK

$ cd ../..
$ chmod a+x
$ ./ -s gmae -r – powerpc

That resulted in ‘gmae’ selected as the cross compiler toolchain and ‘none’ selected as the root file system (I’m using LimeOS on the development board).

Then I cross-compiled “Hello World” with the following:

$ source opt/eldk-5.3/powerpc/environment-setup-powerpc-linux
$ powerpc-gcc helloworld.c


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