Part 1: TI’s EXP430F5529 Experimenter Board setup

After several tries, I finally succeeded in getting my EXP430F5529 Experimenter Board to work.

Main site:

The steps taken are as follows:

a. Download CCSv4 from TI here and install it:

This version of CCSv4 is meant for the experimenter board, and therefore requires no license.

b. Download the examples for the experimenter board here and install it:

c. Using the CCSv4’s “Files->Import” feature, navigate to the above samples’ directory (default is C:\TI) and try importing the examples as “existing projects”.

d. Using the CCSv4’s “View->C/C++ Projects” feature, select “build” to build the specific projects required (the chosen by me is called “User Experience”, setting it as the active project).

e. Then through many other unexplainable clicking/setting the target configuration:

0x043A2: 27FC JEQ (0x439c)
0x043A4: 89EA FD78 SUB.B @R9,0xfd78(R10)
0x043A8: B5F5 98A4 BIT.B @R5+,0x98a4(R5)
0x043AC: 8D7B SUB.B @R13+,R11
0x043AE: DF75 BIS.B @R15+,R5
0x043B0: D6F7 49B3 BIS.B @R6+,0x49b3(R7)
0x043B4: E7F0 F43D XOR.B @R7+,0x37f3
0x043B8: 735E SUBC.B #1,R14
0x043BA: F57C AND.B @R5+,R12
0x043BC: BD3F BIT.W @R13+,R15
0x043BE: F52B AND.W @R5,R11
0x043C0: BBFF EFA5 BIT.B @R11+,0xefa5(R15)
0x043C4: 6757 529E ADDC.B 0x529e(R7),R7
0x043C8: F497 5C7A 672B AND.W 0x5c7a(R4),0x672b(R7)
0x043CE: BF9A FABF E5B7 BIT.W 0xfabf(R15),0xe5b7(R10)
0x043D4: 2DEF JHS (0x47b4)
0x043D6: AFAF 6E98 DADD.W @R15,0x6e98(R15)
0x043DA: D4CE 67DF BIS.B R4,0x67df(R14)
0x043DE: 9CFD E41C CMP.B @R12+,0xe41c(R13)
0x043E2: 0000 BRA @PC
0x043E4: 1100 RRA PC
0x043E6: 0010 BRA @PC+
0x043E8: E53E XOR.W @R5+,R14
0x043EA: 0000 BRA @PC
0x043EC: 5AFD FFFF ADD.B @R10+,0xffff(R13)
0x043F0: 0003 MOVA @PC,R3
0x043F2: 5AFD 5AFD ADD.B @R10+,0x5afd(R13)
0x043F6: 5AFD 000B ADD.B @R10+,0x000b(R13)
0x043FA: AF76 DADD.B @R15+,R6
0x043FC: 4418 0000 MOV.W 0x0000(R4),R8
0x04400: 4031 4400 MOV.W #0x4400,SP==========>the start of system_pre_init(), where I set my breakpoint (filename is called src/CCS/system_pre_init.c).

0x04404: 13B0 F8B8 CALLA #0x0f8b8
0x04408: 930C TST.W R12
0x0440A: 240E JEQ (0x4428)
0x0440C: 403C 2484 MOV.W #0x2484,R12
0x04410: 403D 0FA2 MOV.W #0x0fa2,R13
0x04414: 13B0 F73C CALLA #0x0f73c
0x04418: 403C 2400 MOV.W #0x2400,R12
0x0441C: 403D 6322 MOV.W #0x6322,R13
0x04420: 403E 0083 MOV.W #0x0083,R14
0x04424: 13B0 F95A CALLA #0x0f95a
0x04428: 13B0 AED6 CALLA #0x0aed6
0x0442C: 13B0 F926 CALLA #0x0f926
0x04430: 93A2 04AE CMP.W #2,&RTC__Real_Time_Clock_RTCIV

And the copy register feature allow us to copy the contents to the clipboard as well:

Other references:


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