An exploration into how to use ProGuard for Android obfuscation


Using ProGuard with Android.
(Android) Proguard can’t find dynamically referenced class javax.swing.*
android: proguard obfuscating imported jars
Problem med space in path in Proguard parameter call
Android: What are the recommended configurations for Proguard?
android: proguard obfuscating problems
android: proguard obfuscating problem
android proguard, skip jars
Obfuscating Android app with CORBA
How to obfuscate my project using ProGuard tool?
How to suppress ‘Maybe this is program method’ warnings from ProGuard
How to prevent the Proguard obfuscation from destroying jdom.jar
Does using proguard makes the android app running slower?
Getting too many Proguard warnings
Android simplexml.jar proguard problem
Android – Proguard obfuscate not able to find android classes
Is using Proguard with Android worth the effort?
android:onClick not working with ProGuard
Using Proguard to Obfuscate Android App with Libraries
Exclude some classes from Proguard’s keep rules
How to obfuscate an Android library (.jar file) using Proguard in Eclipse
Proguard in Android
Proguard and Android 😦
Weird behaviour while obfuscating a JAR with proguard
Error when proguard Android project


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